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Hello Barcelona ICPC bootcamp opens registration

From Sept. 26 to Oct. 4, the international bootcamp Hello Barcelona for competitive programmers will be held in Barcelona, Spain, in collaboration with Moscow Workshops ICPC. Students from across the world with programming skills are invited to prepare for the global finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

The Mediterranean coast of Spain is an attractive location in and of itself. However, students who pack their bags with their programming gear and head to the bootcamp in Barcelona can combine a seaside vacation with training. The daytime contest program and the evening tours around the city of Gaudí make sure the participants can establish professional contacts while also getting to know the world — a combo at the heart of the Moscow Workshops ICPC educational project. With a new city added each year, the bootcamp now spans Barcelona, Grodno, Moscow, Vladivostok, and Coimbatore.

The program of the bootcamp features daily five-hour contests. Students tackle exciting problems and then work them through with coaches. The training sessions are supplemented with talks by inspiring speakers, guided tours, a hackathon, and an online tour around Codeforces for everyone who cares to join. Participating in the bootcamp is a formula for success: 10 out of 13 teams winning medals in the 2018 ICPC finals took part in Moscow ICPC bootcamps.

“Many students here make acquaintances that outlast the bootcamp,” says Alexey Maleev, the founder of Moscow Workshops ICPC. “People stay in touch, exchange ideas and insights, and this benefits the information technology industry of tomorrow. Practicing among the best is the most efficient way to maximize your results.”

“Our prior participants triumphing in the contest showed that Moscow Workshops ICPC is a breeding ground for successful competitive programmers. This is further evidenced by the interest of major IT companies toward the bootcamp participants,” adds Maleev, who is also vice rector for international programs and technological entrepreneurship at MIPT.

One of the key reasons to sign up for the bootcamp are the coaches. Russian teams have overwhelmingly more ICPC medals and absolute victories than those from any other country. Among our coaches is Andrey Stankevich, who trained seven champion teams and personally earned gold and silver at ICPC. He’s joined by Mike Mirzayanov, the founder of Codeforces and the coach of the the 2006 ICPC world champions, along with ICPC gold medalists’ coach and 2014, 2015 Russian Code Cup finalist Michael Tikhomirov, 2015 ICPC champion Artem Vasilyev, Opencup.ru co-founder and Snarknews.info chief editor Oleg Khristenko, and ICPC 2014, 2015 gold medalist and 2010 IOI silver medalist Gleb Evstropov.

In order to participate, sign up for the bootcamp.

The Autumn 2018 event is the third Hello Barcelona bootcamp this year. It is held by MIPT in collaboration with Harbour.Space University, ITMO University, St. Petersburg State University, and Codeforces, a platform for online programming contests.

The participants will be divided into groups based on their goals and level. Division A will feature experienced teams that aim to be in the 2019 ICPC finals. Those preparing for the regional and international competitions of the coming ICPC season are welcome to hone their skills in Division B.

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